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crawler tractor (prototype)


The CT1100 model was powered by a three cylinder Kubota diesel engine giving 26hp and 35 and was built between 1989 and November 1993. This was followed by the CT1105, powered by a Kubota three cylinder, 28hp diesel engine. Three were built between December 1993 and January 1994.

The current model CT1703 was first marketed in January 1994. It was powered by a Kubota three cylinder, 37hp diesel engine model D1703. It had fully hydrostatic drive and joy stick steering. Maximum speed was 9km/h, weight was 1000 kg, width 1,400 mm on standard rubber track, length without linkage 2,150 mm and height 1,950 to top of cab/frame. A 49hp Kubota four cylinder engine was optional

The crawler is described as a “multipurpose, all terrain rubber tracked workhorse. Fully hydrostatic, narrow width, low ground pressure with a climbing ability of 45 degrees, a range of options to suite almost any application.”

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Tech Data

  • Engine; Kubota 3 cylinder 37hp
  • Drive/Steering: Full hydrostatic, Joystick steering,
  • Hydraulic Flow: 110 L/min
  • Twin Pumps: 2 x 20cc
  • Drive Motors: 2 x 4000 series Charlynn wheel motors
  • Hydraulic Tank: 30 litres
  • Fuel Tank: 30 Litres
  • Track Width: 280mm
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics: 11cc pump, 3 Bank spool valve
  • Cab/Frame: Roll over bar, seat fitted with lap strap.
  • Weight: 1000 Kg
  • Length: 2150mm without linkage
  • Height 1950mm to top of cab/frame
  • Width: 1400mm on standard tracks


  • 49 Hp Kubota 4 cylinder engine, others on request
  • Front and rear linkage
  • 500mm Vertical Lift linkage,
  • Ballast Rack,
  • Hydraulic PTO at 540
  • Track options – type and width
  • Cab options – Full/Part
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Front Flail
  • Rear Blade and Hydraulic 3.5 tonne winch.

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